5 in 1 Lightning splitter to 3.5mm

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5 in 1 Lightning splitter to 3.5mm Audio/SD/TF Card/Charging/USB 2.0 Camera Reader otg Adapter Connector For iPhone X 8 7 6 6S Plus IOS 11


1: The mobile phone system must be IOS 9.2 or higher, otherwise the adapter does not support it;

2: No response when linking SD/TF memory card iproducts:

1): The capacity of the Apple system memory card must be less than 64GB;

2) The format of the photo must be JPG, JPEG, etc., do not have special files;

Video file import only supports SD and HD video formats

3) If the picture is downloaded from other places, you need to put the picture or video into the DCIM main folder of the memory card.

3: This product only supports device connections with currents up to 100 mA.

4: Charging interface: external charger can charge mobile phone or iPad device

5: Audio output: external headphones, audio (no support for calls, line control)

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