GEN GAME X3 Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller for Android Smartphones

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GEN GAME X3 wireless Bluetooth gamepad game controller for Android smartphone tablet PC Windows PC TV box


It is the most compatible platform on the market today.

Bluetooth connection:

Android phone:

Press and hold the x button + home button for 5 seconds, Apple Phone press and hold Y and press the Y button + home button for 5 seconds, the phone downloads the octopus directly, directly add the game to open and play

(The computer and TV must be connected to the receiver)


At present, the Bluetooth controller supports: Samsung, Xiaomi, LeTV, Huawei, Meizu, OPP, VIVO, Gionee, LeTV, Coolpad, Lenovo and other mainstream products (support for Android phones reaches more than 90%, Qualcomm, Samsung, Yingwei, Dahai Temple, CPU.

Not supported:

Not compatible with MediaTek quad-core CPU phones, vivo X5 X6 PULS, oppo R9 PULS, and Redmi NOTE3 are not supported


Android: Download the Grape Game Hall directly without root user

Grape game lobby (Android can be downloaded from mobile browser), but can not play FIFA games. Please do not place orders with FIFA friends. Confirm through FireWire that cf, king, king and other large game cf, no root, Apple is not compatible. Apple is not compatible. Apple is not compatible. remember!

IOS users: not available

Irresistible factors such as software updates or source code changes on the official gaming platform will prevent certain games from connecting to this product.

The company is not responsible. The company reserves the right of final interpretation


Model x3

Bluetooth 3.0

Transmission distance 8 meters

Bluetooth connection: 

1. Find the correct device and click "Pair connection". After successful connection, the corresponding mode LED is always on.

2 If the last call was successfully paired, press the GEN GAME button to automatically connect to the last connected device.

3 When charging on the platform where the device is located, the platform LED will slowly flash and fill with a constant light.

4 In the low power consumption state, the corresponding platform light will flash in the working state, press and hold the GEN GAME button for 5 seconds, the handle will close

5 Press and hold the combination button for 5 seconds, the 4 LEDs on the handle flash, and the Bluetooth search function of the phone is turned on.

Download the chicken simulator directly to your mobile phone:

Package Includes:

1 * Bluetooth gamepad

1 * The maximum size of the phone stand can be cut into 6 inches-85 mm

1 * USB charging cable

1 * English manual

1 * Receiver (use to connect TV / computer)

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