KENTLI AA 1.5V Charger

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KENTLI 2~12pcs AA 1.5V 3000mWh lithium li-ion rechargeable battery + 4 Channel  polymer lithium li-ion battery batteries charger

Brand: KENTLI                                                            Voltage:1.5V Size: AA                                                                     Package:2~12 pcs ph5 aa batteries+1pc charge

Type: li-ion                                    capacity:3000mwh

We are factory direct supply, wholesale and retail, welcome to contact us!

Attention: DODO NOT dispose in fire or heat.DO NOT puncture, damage, and disassemble. DODO NOT mix fresh batteries with used batteries.

If you need other products of battery, you can also order in our store, any question please feel free to contact us! Stable1.5v Constant voltage, higher than the 1.2v nickel-metal hydride battery


Strong endurance,1.5-3 times powerful than the Ni-MH battery


Fast charge,2-3 hours for fully charged, normally 5-10 times faster than NIMH battery


Super Low self-discharge Storing time longer than the nickel-metal hydride battery 3-5 times


Long cycle life, after 500-1000 times normal use, the battery charge full rate is still more than 80%


No memory effect, charging at any time without any discharge operation


2/3 weight of NIMH battery


1 Li-ion battery equivalent of 1000 alkaline batteries,5000 ordinary KK battery


Recycled, do not contain cadmium, lead, toxic substances such as mercury, true green energy

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